, Wild Pharmacy

Wild Pharmacy

“Skincare like mother nature invented”

Wild Pharmacy is a skin care series specializing in wild plants and natural ingredients. 

The properties of wild plants mirror us as humans. Man has lived for millennia in harmony with nature and its rhythms. In the past, observing the forces and phenomena of nature has been a direct condition of life.

Our ancestors followed the effects of different celestial bodies very closely and ended up noticing the effects of the lunar cycle on a wide variety of phenomena. The effect of the moon on nature depends on whether the moon is decreasing or rising at the same time and how high it is, that is, in which celestial sign. Like us and our skin, we are a whole.

The rhythm of nature guides us if we give it space in our lives. We learn about ourselves and learn to trust what we are. A unique entity that thrives.

We are a natural part of Nature. We are one with Nature.

Values Important to us

See yourself as a whole

YES! Real natural cosmetics and self-confidence. We want to do good.

NO! We say no to bullying.

Do you agree? I’m in! Our project is running an anti-bullying campaign. 

Good self-esteem helps to be more gentle with yourself and others. How would you feel if you talked to yourself like your dearest friend you care about? Or what would you say if you heard someone talk to your friend like you talk to yourself.

As you begin to advise yourself in the same way as your best friend, your sensitivity to listening to your own body will also increase: you will actually begin to hear your body’s needs and messages. That’s when you always start moving out of love – not out of fear.

Skincare should be more than skin deep, In the world I want to live in, it should go without saying that true beauty should start from within, and that being a kind and loving person is much more important than having a “pretty face”. Beauty isn’t just about your face, your neck, or hands — it’s about your whole body, inside and out. How we take care of our bodies will affect each and every one of our parts, inside and out. And how we treat ourselves and the world matters so much more than the approval of others. That is what matters. Love 


Must-haves for every beauty bag

Clear & Glowing Gentle Face Cleanser

Cool & Calm Toner

Rockstar- Mild Facial Peeling Gel

Good Things Happen -facemask

Healing Meditation Skin Serum

Carpe Cream-Antioxidant Hydration Moisturizer

, Wild Pharmacy