Rich Hydrating Cream 24h


This 24-hour cream is all you need for a busy modern life rhythm. Soothes and reduces skin irritation

  • The unique composition of ingredients ensures that the 24-Hour Face Cream is a very active cream which repairs the skin and activates the self-healing abilities of the skin. After applying, the cream is easily absorbed, leaving the skin optimally hydrated. Wrinkles and fine lines reduce, production of collagen will be stimulated, and skin becomes soft and smooth.
  • At nighttime, when the cells are most active, cream helps the skin to improve micro-circulation and cell respiration and speeds up the metabolism of toxins produced, waste products and free radical elimination. Gives the skin nourishing ingredients and enhances cell renewal. Prevents premature wrinkles, eliminate toxins and makes the skin feel fresh.
  • 24-hour moisturizer, that also works very well under make-up.
  • The active ingredients in the cream are based on natural ingredients which include vitamins and natural oils.

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