, Anumati SkinCare

Story of Anumati Skincare

” Growing up in the surroundings of flowers and herbs, understanding and respecting nature” 

My interest in natural products started already as a young girl. I had the opportunity to spend my childhood with a traditional Karelian lifestyle where nutrition and spring water formed the foundation of life in the middle of nature. Stories and tales from generations ago about how health problems used to be treated and how natural powers were respected. Mysteriousness and the diversity of nature together with its moon cycles. My roots reached deep into Finnish nature and folklore.

My product development started with the familiar plants and flowers that surrounded me as a child. Later, my studies in chemistry and herbal medicine carried over to a more professional approach. I was a cosmetologist, and this felt like a natural way of combining all the professions and gain a strong view and the skills for genuine natural cosmetics.

Each product is developed in synergy, and they include active ingredients (all the plant extracts are 100% natural) which pay attention to skin balance and well-being. Even in our everyday lives, we know that a balanced and diverse diet is better for our health. We believe that diversity offers solutions for creating functional products, which are inspired by nature, and eliminate the need for several products to gain the best result.

Our philosophy concerning skincare can be summarised by transparency and getting the best for less! We wish to offer customers the opportunity to make well-informed choices –  true freedom of choice can only be achieved with comprehensive knowledge.

New image

“Everything began in 2010. Today, 10 years later, the brand and image have been reformed and the product range has become clearer”

The design of the new visual image started with a logo which also led to the formation of a new colour range. White and Silver. Silver represents dignity and importance. Silver is also a colour of femininity, intuition and protection. On the other hand, white represents purity and truth. As colours, they also represent the energy of the moon.

 The brand reform also brought along new products. A stunning entity which provides the elements for comprehensive skincare. Science, creativity and passion come together in our products, and as a result Finland’s safest and cleanest natural cosmetics are provenly created. The products that have already been on the market for a long time finally received a design that is worthy of their story and value. It was also time for our brand image to boldly reform and correspond with our internationalising operations as well as our new collection. We are an internationally-awarded, organic cosmetics series, and the story continues

, Anumati SkinCare

Our Philosophy

“Anumati Skincare is more than a professional cosmetics collection. It is a diverse skincare method which aims to efficiently utilise naturally found methods to maintain freshness and youthfulness of skin”

It has been obvious from the very beginning that our products will be based on the same elements as the body’s nutrition. We do not consider skin as a separate part, but instead as an entity in which well-being is built of pieces that operate in synergy. We need a diverse range of antioxidants and minerals to keep up with today’s busy pace of life and skincare routines. Anumati consists of a rainbow of antioxidants in which each colour plays its own role in skincare.

Skin problems or imbalances run deeper than the skin. A good combination refers to a state of balance which is essential when we want to provide good nutrition for the purpose of achieving healthy skin. We only use raw ingredients that are familiar to our skin cells and which are suitable for them and which they can benefit from. Each product is developed with nutrients that are important for the skin, not just one main component. We know that in our everyday lives, a balanced and diverse diet is better for our health.

For example, spinach is healthy; it is an excellent source of vitamin B and iron. But if we only ate spinach every day, our bodies would lack protein, amino acids and other nutrients that form a balanced diet. We would not feel well. The same principle applies to skincare. “

The Anumati Skincare series consists of ingredients and vitamins that are naturally present in nature. Our philosophy for our entire product line is to create effective skincare products that are based on the healing power of nature and earth. Therefore, we utilise the entire plant, from root to flower.

We prefer wild-grown plants and organically produced raw ingredients. This is due to the fact that the purest and most effective ingredients for skincare come directly from nature. These therapeutically nourishing ingredients lead to concrete changes in the well-being of skin. 

Each ingredient has been carefully selected; each ingredient has its own role. The products of the series are nature’s own form of Synergy. We also work in synergy and everything we do is also reflected in what we create. 

We wish to offer the best possible skincare methods by using safe natural ingredients which have a high level of activity. Our skincare products have been designed, above all, to those who respect nature and value true quality.

The Anumati Experience

The Anumati experience is an invitation to experience your wild, beautiful Self.
Are you ready?

Anumati Skincare illuminates your wild beauty, as the purity and potency of natural, wild-crafted ingredients provide holistic nourishment – from skin to soul – as we believe that healthy, luminous skin comes from within.

The purity and wild nature of our ingredients creates a unique, high vibrational skincare experience, effecting your whole Being, from your skin to your
soul, nurturing a deeper, more intuitive, connection with your body.