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A new wave of skincare

We are a Finnish family business. The resource of our operations is a passion and unreserved dedication to work with the heart, in the field of cosmetics, guided by the strictest certificate in the world. We want to be a source of inspiration, dare to dream and dreams come true when you believe in them.

Our Skincare story starts in 2010. Our extraordinarily unique formulas, clean ingredients and artisan approach comes and runs in our family, we have deep roots in Finnish nature and folklore. “I had been making plant-based care oils and herbs for years and received a lot of good feedback from my customers. Because the clients received help from the treatments, I encouraged product development using childhood know-how.–
I wanted to make a series with clean raw materials that I could stand behind and that represent values ​​that are important to me. ”

Anu Ruohosto’s journey as the mainstay of cosmetic series began with a way of doing things based on her own values ​​and, in the absence of such a cosmetic series, as her own tool. Awareness of the compositions of the products and the fact that there was no suitable series on the market that would have corresponded to my idea of ​​a clean and high quality series led me to study to become a product development chemist. Product development combines, on the one hand, the folk healing skills learned from one generation to the next with the ancient pursuit of beauty, but also modern herbal medicine and chemistry.

When two friends find similarity, complementarity, and passion to empower the natural beauty of women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and races.

BeU Beauty is the result of reflections by these two women. One of them is a nutritionist, a wellness expert, the author of Your BeUtiful Body and an advocate of body positivity, self-esteem and body wisdom. The other is a beauty expert, dermatologist, natural cosmetics chemist and cosmetics educator. They combined their natural health expertise and beauty message to create a truly unique skin therapy experience.

The skin is an integral part of our whole being, and the well-being of our body, mind, and soul directly affects the well-being of the skin. This wisdom, along with effective nutrient-rich and active ingredients, is embedded in all four of our skin care series. We combine our expertise and intuitive know-how to create skin care products that nourish your skin and mind.

Our product development, which inspires our philosophy, emphasizes the importance of skin care, elevates your mood and makes your inner beauty glow.

We hope our selection and online store convey positive emotions to you.

With love,

BeU Beauty “Be the beauty who you are”